Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club

A blue dress in the sea… Venus Anadyomene? No: It’s Lindsay Lohan in snake earrings. Parasols… waves… Lindsay walks past some candles. Lindsay reclines. Now a fast sequence of glamorous shots of wet VIP hosts. Someone shake a cocktail! Beach! Waves! Mykonos! Greece! Voice (Lindsay?) sings “I’m just a little bossy…”: it’s Lindsay’s Lohan’s Beach Club, on MTV!

Sex Education

Sex Education (SE) is a transatlantic teen drama comedy series about youthful sexuality available on Netflix. The show has an all British cast but draws heavily on the letter jacketed motifs of the Americana teen-core genre, made eternal by the 80’s John Hughes’ high school movies.


Melancholy and opaque, Burning is a beautifully shot meander through modern-day South Korea that never resolves and depends heavily on the viewer’s acceptance of hazy ambiguity in place of plot and character development.

The Sisters Brothers

In the 1890s, Prescott Ford Jernegan and Charles Fisher defrauded hundreds of investors in a scheme to extract gold from seawater in the Klondike estuary. A character in The Sisters Brothers makes similar claims, but don’t fall for them. There’s no gold here – barely even a glimmer.